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Building instruments after originals

- The Art of Handcrafting -

The instruments of Aron Vajna are precision-made using historical handcrafting techniques. Each part is forged from either silver or brass sheets, then soldered, formed and hammered by hand. Depending on the model, additional specifically selected alloys may be incorporated. The decoration of each instrument is carefully copied from an original example using historical methods, with all engraving done by hand.


For his models, Aron travels extensively to museums and collections where original instruments are preserved. In order to best document each instrument, he takes pictures, makes technical drawings and forms casts. When possible, the instruments are also played, so that the individual character of each original can be best captured.


By virtue of this elaborate and time-intensive process, Aron’s instruments not only visually match the originals, but sound like them as well. 


The instruments produced in his atelier are not only accurate historical reproductions, but each piece is unique and a testament to his passion.

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